What do I do when the paper keeps moving while playing Osmo Masterpiece?

The first step to keep the paper from moving is to put the top of the paper underneath the Osmo stand. This will often be all you need. It also helps to try to keep your hand/wrist on the table/paper while you're drawing. For younger children who have a lot less control and much smaller hands, we recommend taping the corners of the paper down to keep the paper from moving at all.

Another option would be to use the Creative Board included in Osmo Monster, which has been specifically designed for Osmo's computer vision technology. Additionally, the markers were also picked from a massive assortment as they work best with the technology ensuring you have the best experience.

The Osmo Monster game for Monster, Masterpiece, and Newton includes:

  • Creative Board
  • a set of dry-erase markers
  • red marker pouch


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