Having trouble playing Osmo MindRacers?

The number one reason you may be having an issue is a lack of adequate lighting on the LaunchPad area. Make sure to increase the lighting, and be careful to position the light in a way that it does not cast shadows across the LaunchPad area.

Also, please go through this detection troubleshooting checklist.

If you follow the steps in the checklist and the issue continues to occur, please contact us through this support form with your device model number and a few pictures or a video of the issue occurring so we can better assist you.

Here are instructions to find which model / device you have:

iPads: open Settings > General > About

Fire tablets: open Settings > Device Options

Note that the MindRacers game has been discontinued, and we only provide limited support for it. Find more information in this article.


Can’t find your answer in our support center? Contact us directly.