How do I get past the second level in Osmo MindRacers?

There are a few solutions to this challenge, but it's mostly about getting Super Boosts.

To get a Super Boost, the trick is to play a Boost Token when you are on a blue Boost Strip. You should toss the Boost Token just as your car reaches a blue Boost Strip, so the token lands on it and becomes super powered!

Note: You only need to play Boost Tokens (the ones with an arrow icon) in this challenge. It's all about learning the timing of Boosts.

Other Tips:

- Get a Perfect Start to get a bonus boost right off the starting line! The trick is to launch your car as soon as you hear the fourth beep and see the "Go" text (on the iPad 2 and iPad Mini, players may need to press the pedal just _before_ seeing the word "Go" on screen).
- Press the pedal during the race to add some extra speed to your car when you're not boosting. You only get a limited amount, though, so use it wisely!

For more information, please check out our PDF guide to MindRacers.

Note that the MindRacers game has been discontinued, and we only provide limited support for it. Find more information in this article.


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