How do I get started with Osmo Math Wizard?

To get started with any Math Wizard game, please use your browser on your compatible device to navigate to our Math Wizard setup page.

Follow the on-screen prompts to download the Osmo Math Wizard app to your device. The Osmo Math Wizard app is home to Sky Castle, where you can place rooms that lead to all of your Math Wizard games.

When you launch Math Wizard for the first time, it will ask for a grown-up to do a little setup.

In these few steps, you’ll let Osmo know which games you own so that the Player can easily access them:

1. On the first screen, tap on "I'm a Grown-Up!" to begin setup.

2. Then, tap on ➡️  to continue to the next screen.

3. Now, Osmo will ask you to grab the postcard that came in your Math Wizard box. If you have one, tap on "Ok, I have it ready!" and read ahead to the "Finish Setup" Section.

If you don’t have a Math Wizard box, you can tap on "I don't have a Game Box" and skip ahead to "Finish Setup" too.

If you have a box, but no postcard, tap on "I can't find my postcard" and read on to the “Missing Postcard” section.

If you lost the postcard that came in your box, don’t worry! When the app asks which games you have, simply tap on the boxes you’re missing postcards for, and then hit ➡️  to continue. 

When you finish the setup, pass the Osmo back to the Player and ask them to tap the portal to enter.

For more detail, see the Math Wizard manuals on our game manual page.

Please note that the Math Wizard games are not currently compatible with every device supported by Osmo. Here's more information on Osmo device and game compatibility.


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