Did I receive everything I ordered?

If it appears that a part of your shipment is missing, please know that for some of the larger Osmo kits, you will only see the names of the kit parts on the boxes, and not the name of the whole kit.

E.g., the Genius Family Starter Kit is made up of an Osmo Base plus all game pieces from the Genius Starter Kit and the Little Genius Starter Kit, so you may only see the individual game names on the boxes.

Please refer to our lists of Osmo Starter Kits and Osmo Bundles for more information.

Also please remember that some of our games and bundles are digital-only. If you purchased one of those, you will not receive a physical shipment. Simply redeem your code and start playing!

Your redemption code is sent to the email address on your order (make sure to check your spam folder). It is also included in the box. If you can't locate the code, let us know through our contact form, and we'll email it to you.

Here is a video with instructions for digital-only game setup.

Most Osmo apps are free to download; you can follow these instructions.

If individual pieces are missing from your shipment, please submit a replacement request

Can’t find your answer in our support center? Contact us directly.