What are the differences between legacy Osmo iPad kits and new kits?

Legacy Osmo iPad kits are discontinued on our website, but you may still be able to purchase them through our retailers.

The main difference between our legacy iPad kits and new kits is in the base. The new kits come with the new Osmo iPad base while the older versions come with the classic Osmo iPad base.

The key features of the new base are:
- it will work with the custom-designed Speck case (and the classic base won't);
- it's more stable;
- it works in landscape mode to double as iPad stand.

There are other differences as well.

1) Some of legacy Genius Starter Kits include Words tiles without lowercase letters. Newer Genius Starter Kits include lowercase/uppercase Words tiles. Those tiles are also sold separately on PlayOsmo.com and through our retailers.

2) Legacy Explorer Starter Kits include older solo Coding Awbie Sets. New Explorer Starter Kits include all of Coding Family blocks (to be used with three Coding games: Awbie, Jam and Duo).

3) Legacy Explorer Starter Kits and Creative Starter Kits include older Creative Sets, with six dry erase markers in a blue pouch, and a heavier, larger Creative Board. New Explorer Starter Kits include new Creative Sets, with a lighter, more portable Creative Board (which fits in an Osmo carrying case), and a set of four dry erase markers in a red pouch.

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