How do I switch from an iPad to a Fire tablet, or the other way around?

If you were using or planning to use your Osmo with an iPad, and now would like to use it with a Fire tablet (or the other way around), the switch is easy. Here's what you need to know.

Not every Fire tablet or iPad works with Osmo, and several of the Osmo games have special device requirements. Here's our list of compatible devices.

In order to play Osmo games on any compatible Fire tablet or iPad, the right type of base & reflector must be purchased. A Fire base and reflector are required to play Osmo games on a Fire tablet, and an iPad base & reflector are required to play Osmo games on an iPad.

Osmo Fire and iPad bases (with reflectors) are sold:

  1. as part of Osmo kits, both on and on;
  2. as separate items, both on and on
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