How can I download the new versions of Osmo Numbers, Osmo Tangram, and Osmo Words?

The new versions of Numbers, Tangram, and Words apps (released in May of 2021) are now available on both Apple and Amazon app stores: Numbers (for iPad and Fire), Tangram (for iPad and Fire), and Words (for iPad and Fire).

The original versions are now titled Numbers Education (for iPad and Fire), Tangram Education (for iPad and Fire), and Words Education (for iPad and Fire).

Only the new versions of the apps have the word 'Genius' on the title screen ('Genius Numbers', 'Genius Tangram', 'Genius Words'), but both the new and the original versions are compatible with the Genius Numbers, Tangram, and Words tile sets, and there's no difference in the way the tiles are used.

Please note that you can only use custom (user-made) albums with Words Education, and not with the new Words app.

The PDF manuals for both the original and the new versions are available on the Osmo Game Manuals page.


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