How do I download and play a custom Osmo Words Education album that was shared with me?

To download a custom album that someone has shared with you in the Osmo Words Education app, tap the gear-shaped settings button in the top left corner, go to the Library and tap 'Download More At myOsmo' under 'Installed' (the top section of the Library).

You'll be redirected to the myWords page of the myOsmo website.

The albums shared with you should show up under the myAlbums tab.

Select any of the albums and tap 'Add to Words game'. You'll be prompted to open the album in the Words Education game.

Tap 'Open', and you'll be redirected to the Library section of Words Education.

Please make sure that only the albums you want to play are selected, then tap the arrow in the top left corner to go back to the home screen, tap 'Play', and choose Zen, Zen Junior or Versus mode to play the album(s) that you have selected.

Note that custom albums only work in Zen, Zen Junior and Versus modes, not in the Adventure mode.

Find more information about custom albums in our PDF guide to the Words Education app.


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