How do I play the custom albums I have made in Osmo Words Classic?

To play one of your own custom albums in the Words Classic app, tap the gear-shaped settings button in the top left corner, go to the Library and look under "Mine" (the second section from the top). All of your albums should be there.

Tap any album to include it in the game.

Please don't forget to deselect the albums that you don't want to be included. You may need to scroll down and open all of the subsections in your Library to make sure only the right albums are selected.

Then tap the arrow in the top left corner to go back to the home screen, tap "Play", and choose Zen or Versus mode to play the album(s) that you have selected.

Please note that custom albums only work in Zen and Versus modes, and not in the Adventure Mode.

When you're playing an album, you can tap the gear icon in the top left corner to change the settings (which include the ability to hear the words, turn hints on and off, enable lowercase letter recognition, and set difficulty level so that only easier or harder words from the album are shown in the game).

Find more information about custom albums in our PDF guide to the Words Classic app.


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