Why custom-designed iPad cases?

After testing most existing iPad protective cases in the marketplace, we've discovered that none work with Osmo! For this reason, we went back to the drawing board and tested various custom designs instead.

The result of many months of hard work is a new and improved iPad base AND two protective cases designed specifically for Osmo use! We partnered with Speck, a leading name in protective cases, to ensure the highest level of iPad protection, and we're excited to share some relevant information about both the new base and cases:

New iPad Base:
- easy: to carry and to set up for small hands — no more inserts to adjust;
- landscape: can fit the iPad in both landscape & portrait modes; docks without removing the reflector;
- solid: stable and sturdy design.

New iPad Cases:
- work exclusively with the new iPad base, and do not need to be removed;
- drop tested at 10-feet to ensure ultimate device protection;
- protect ports, microphone, speakers, camera and entire device.

Both iPad case models and the new iPad base are available on PlayOsmo.com and through our retailers.

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