What do the power-ups do in Osmo Numbers Education?

The Lightning Bubble eliminates all bubbles that match its number without adding water to the tank. Try to get as many at once as you can, you get extra bonus points for each bubble in the chain!

The Mystery Crate gives you decorations or fish food that will help you grow your fish and earn more points.

The Bomb removes all the targets near it, helping you clear out an area quickly, without adding water to the tank.

The Sponge removes water when it falls into the tank, so you can play longer and have more time to unlock all the fish and get the highest score possible. The longer it stays on the top of the screen, the bigger it gets and the more water it will remove when you get it into the tank.

The Tornado goes through the top of the screen and rearranges the bubbles.

The Wormhole consumes any objects nearby and spits them out at the top of the screen.

The Hook takes a fish out of the tank and puts it back on the top of the screen. Let the hook take one of your fish and then get it back into your tank again for more points!

There's a new set of power-ups in the new version of Osmo Numbers, too.

Find more information in our PDF guides to the new Osmo Numbers app and Osmo Numbers Education (the original version of the app).


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