Can I make my own Osmo Words Classic albums?

Yes! We encourage players to make their own albums in the Osmo Words Classic app. (Note that it's only available in the Words Classic app, not in the new version of the Words app.)

Creating an album

  1. Go to your myWords dashboard.
  2. Click on Create New Album, and you will be automatically taken to the new album page.
  3. Click on Add Title (or on Untitled Album) to add your album title.
  4. Click on Add Image to upload a picture (or to take one, if you are using your tablet or phone). You can also drag multiple files to upload images in a batch.
  5. Hover your cursor over the image you have just added and click the Edit button.
  6. Type your chosen word in the Add Word field and select a difficulty. If you want some of the letters to appear as given on the screen, you can put them in parentheses. A(NT) will show as _NT, for example. Add a couple more words; the more the merrier!
  7. Return to your album homepage to add as many images and words as you wish.

Creating Proper Noun (case sensitive) albums

If you are making case sensitive albums (for use with lowercase Words tiles), your account must first be flagged as a 'Teacher' account, so let's check that.

  1. Log into your myOsmo account.
  2. Click on your username in the top right corner and choose 'Account'.
  3. Scroll down to see a section labeled 'This Osmo will be used...'.
  4. Either the 'At School' or 'Homeschool' checkboxes need to be checked.
  5. Proceed to create your album as described above, with one modification. At the very bottom of your album homepage, you will see 'Album Type: [A] Regular'; click the 'Regular' link and choose Proper Noun album (you can also do this on albums you've already created). When you type in the words for each picture, remember that whatever case you use here will be what the game expects. So you can do 'frank' or 'Frank', 'us' or 'US', etc.

See this video, made especially for teachers, for more information.

Editing images

When you upload your images, they are automatically resized and may also be cropped if they are too large. If you want to make sure all of your image fits and it isn't blurry, make sure it isn't larger than 768x1024 or smaller than 385x512.

When you're editing an image, you can click on the gear icon on the right to choose from several editing options: Crop, Set as Album Cover, Replace Image, Delete.

If you're searching on Google Images, try clicking the 'Tools' button at the top, then choose 'Large' size. That should get images that are mostly the right size.

Alternatively, you can resize the images you already have. Paint.NET is a great free program that manipulates images easily if you are using a Windows PC. If you are using a Mac, you can resize photos directly after opening them in Preview.

Adding tags

Please click 'Add tags' at the bottom of your album home page, to add descriptive tags to your album. The tags should define various categories that your album may be classified under (such as "Phonics", "Math", "Animals", "ESL", etc.)

Setting album language

If your album is in a language other than English, please select it from the language dropdown menu at the bottom of your album home page. If your album language is not on that menu, please keep English as the album language and add your language name as an album tag.

Sharing an album

To share one of your Words albums with other people, log into myOsmo, open the album you wish to share, click on the gear icon in the top right corner, and select Share. You will then be given a link that you can email other people to have them access your album.

If you decide to publish your album (by clicking 'Make Public'), it will be reviewed by Osmo staff. The approval process currently takes up to 2 business days. If you need it reviewed fast, please let us know the exact name of the album as well as the email address used for your myOsmo account.

All public user-made albums can be searched at the myWords Discover page.

Unpublishing an album

You can unpublish an album by visiting the album homepage and selecting Unpublish from the gear menu in the top right corner.

Deleting an album

You can delete one of your own albums by visiting the album homepage and selecting Delete from the gear menu in the top right corner.

Downloading and playing your own album

Please see these instructions.

More information about Words Classic and the new version of Words is available in the PDF manuals on the Osmo Game Manuals page.


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