What are the names of the Osmo Pizza Co. characters? My kids love them!

Uncle Tony's Pizzeria has tons of wacky customers. It's possible that one day, some might decide to go by their middle name, and heck, a couple may even have a complete identity crisis. So, don't put too much down on these names quite yet. If you have ideas for fun names, please let us know; we'd love to hear them!

  • Linus the lion
  • Beatrice the bear
  • Whitaker the monkey
  • Oblama the llama
  • Prance the unicorn
  • Winnifred the lemur
  • Moya the hippo
  • Costello the panda
  • Naomi the panther
  • Sylvester the zebra
  • Greta the alpaca
  • Rhianno the rhino


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