What do I do if I have completed all of the levels in Osmo Coding Awbie?

Did you know that Osmo has two other coding games that build on the four concepts learned in Coding Awbie? Coding Jam is the second game in the series and helps players to explore even more advanced computational concepts like subroutines and nested repeats.

If you have already completed all 32 levels in the 5 maps in Coding Awbie, we recommend replaying previous levels again to strive for a higher personal best score!

Try challenging yourself with these additional goals:

  • Have you found all the critter friends? (indicated on the map)
  • Have you planted and grown all the strawberry plants?
  • Have you upgraded all items at your campsite?

If you prefer, you can also reset your game progress and start again from the beginning. From the Main Menu, tap the Gear icon (settings icon) in the upper left corner and then tap Reset Progress in the bottom left corner. Be careful! All progress and unlocks will be lost and reset.

While we don't currently have a timeline for when additional game content will be released, it would be super helpful if you would fill out our suggestion form, and include your request for additional game content:

For more information, see our PDF guide to Coding Awbie.


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