How do I get started with Osmo Coding Awbie?

Please open the Coding Awbie game on your iPad or Fire tablet and press the Play Button on the main menu once the game loads. After the animated introduction, tap the screen, and you will be presented with hints (an animated hand showing which blocks to use). The first level provides animated hints for every action.

Osmo Coding Awbie is played by placing blocks of code in a sequence on the table. Once you have assembled your program, you can run it by tapping the screen.

The Osmo system will have a hard time seeing your code if your hands are covering the blocks. Make sure your hands are out of the way before tapping the screen.

Master the world of Awbie by putting together complex commands for Awbie to follow. The more strawberries eaten in a row, the bigger the reward and the faster Awbie runs! Collect your seeds to start and expand your farm!

Repeat and Number blocks will guide Awbie onto a longer and more complex paths. Want to make Awbie do a particular move multiple times? Use the Number blocks. Look out for repeating patterns in the landscape, they are opportunities to use the Repeat block.

Also, please note that Coding Awbie includes a manual in-game. It can be accessed via the Settings menu, under Manual. It introduces all blocks, as well as concepts such as looping and conditionals.

For more information, see our PDF guide to Coding Awbie.

You can also watch some Coding Awbie videos on our YouTube channel to see how the game works.


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