Can younger kids (preschoolers) use Osmo apps?

Osmo apps are enjoyed by many younger kids.

That said, please note that the Osmo game pieces are a choking hazard, and are therefore recommended for ages 3+.

We offer three kits that have been designed specifically for children aged 3-5:

Little Genius Starter Kit

Little Genius Starter Kit Plus

Preschool Starter Kit

We also offer many add-on games and bundles that can be enjoyed by kids as young as 3 or 4.

The Monster game is our youngest, it's designed for ages 4 to 9.

The Numbers and Numbers Education apps have easy counting levels that are played with dot tiles.

The Tangram and Tangram Education apps have introductory levels that work well for younger kids.

The Words Education app has a Junior Mode, which means that some letters appear on the screen as hints.

We recently released two new apps for kids ages 4+, Numbers Toybox and Words Explorers, that work with our Numbers and Words tile sets.

Detective Agency, Pizza Co., Super Studio games, and Coding Awbie can all be enjoyed by kids as young as 5.

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