How do I use Osmo with Amazon Kids (formerly known as FreeTime)?

Amazon has two different types of restrictions that you can use:
1) Parental Controls; 
2) Amazon Kids (formerly known as FreeTime) for child profiles.

Which restriction settings you use depends on how you initially set up your Amazon Fire tablet. There are two different ways you may have set up your device.

Option 1: Everyone who uses the tablet uses the same profile (a parent profile), and you set up Parental Controls on that one profile.

Option 2: You have a parent profile, and you created a separate child's profile on the device. The child's profile has Amazon Kids set up to restrict what the child's profile can access.

If you set up the device using Option 1, open Settings and then scroll down and tap on 'Parental Controls'. Tap on 'Amazon Content and Apps', then verify that the box next to Camera says 'UNBLOCKED'.

If you set up the device using Option 2, open Settings from your parent profile, then scroll down and tap on 'Profiles & Family Library'. Tap on the child's profile, then scroll down tap on the toggle next to 'Enable Camera & Photo Gallery'.

Other settings that can impact installing the games to the child profile are 'Educational Goals', 'Set Age Range', and 'Set Daily Goals & Time Limits'.

There may also be other settings that can also restrict access to the camera. If you continue to have difficulty using Amazon's Parental Control or Amazon Kids settings, we recommend reaching out to Amazon directly for assistance. They will be better able to help you set up the restrictions settings in a way that works best for your family.

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