What are the specific differences between the blocks in the new Coding Starter Kit vs. the originals?

There are several differences between the classic Coding blocks and the new Coding Family Bundle blocks:

  1. The quantifiers (Number Blocks) connect differently to the Action Blocks (Walk, Hand, Jump, Repeat, Rest, and Subroutines).
  2. Action Blocks now use a small nub to connect instead of magnets.
  3. The new core set of blocks does not require the Play Block (Coding Awbie), the Caution Block (Coding Awbie), or the Mo & Awbie Blocks (Coding Duo) to play the games. These blocks are no longer needed or included.
  4. Instead of 44 blocks needed for Coding Awbie, Jam, and Duo combined, the new Coding Family Bundle includes 31 blocks, all of which fit into one stackable storage container.

For reference, the new Coding Block set now includes the following:

  • 6 Walk Blocks
  • 3 Hand Blocks
  • 3 Jump Blocks
  • 1 Magic Block
  • 2 Repeat Blocks
  • 3 Two Quantifiers
  • 3 Three Quantifiers
  • 3 Four Quantifiers
  • 2 Five Quantifiers
  • 2 Rest Blocks
  • 3 Subroutines (Star, Circle, Square)

More information about all of our games, including the Coding games, is available in the game manuals.

awbie.png jam.png duo.png

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