Will teens or adults enjoy any Osmo games?

Here is a short summary of several of our games that can be enjoyed by older kids, teens, and even adults.


Masterpiece is truly an all-ages game. Toddlers to adults love it, whether it's drawing cartoon characters or intricate architecture. A popular hit has been self-portraits. Some additional uses are tracing Chinese characters and cursive letters, and sketching with watercolor painting.


The first third of Newton will be fairly straightforward and easy. But the rest of its levels are very challenging and fun. Newton also helps build logic and problem-solving skills, as well as some engineering creativity! We've had older test users come up with very interesting ways to beat Newton.

Tangram and Tangram Education:

Tangram Education has a Hard and Harder levels that are great for high schoolers (and even college students!). There are 400 puzzles for students to solve with either very few hints or no hints at all. Because these are puzzles, they help build logic and problem-solving skills for students.

Words and Words Education:

The 'Hard' and 'Impossible' levels in Words Education are really challenging even for ages 12+. We've had many high school and college students get very active and competitive! Think of Words Education as a combination of iSpy and Hangman. Students use critical thinking to guess the word and also have to race each other to spell it. Additionally, you can create customized Words Education albums using your own photos and word choices, following the instructions in our PDF guide to Words Education.

Teachers have found this feature extremely helpful for vocabulary review and spelling games. 

Here's a complete list of Osmo games with downloading and purchasing information.

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