Will my special needs child, grandchild or student enjoy Osmo?

Many customers with special needs children at home or in the classroom report a great deal of success and enjoyment using Osmo.

That said, this information is purely anecdotal, and may not be representative of the experience your child or grandchild will have. We suggest purchasing one of our Starter Kits on PlayOsmo.com or Amazon.com to give it a try, and, if it's not a great fit, return it for a full or partial refund. (Please review our return policy before making your purchase).

We also recommend that you check out our forums for special needs curriculum ideas.

Please note that you can extend the Words Education game by creating custom albums (that may include any visual content that you think is appropriate). Check out the albums other Osmo users have created and create new content yourself following the instructions in the PDF guide to Words Education.

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