I'm having trouble connecting to myOsmo at school

Restarting your browser and/or your OS may help. The next thing to try is reinstalling the Osmo app that you are using to connect.

If that doesn't help, it may be a firewall problem. If your school is using a firewall, please allow all the playosmo.com subdomains ('*.playosmo.com'). If you cannot do that, please add the following domains to the whitelist:

  • playosmo.com
  • my.playosmo.com
  • words-assets.playosmo.com
  • *.pstmrk.it
  • click.pstmrk.it

You also have to unlock the network ports 80 and 443.

You may also encounter issues if you are using any MDM (Mobile Device Management) to manage the apps at school.

Please also check out our instructions for myOsmo account creation and management.

If none of the above solves the problem, please contact us through this support form with your device model number and the names of the browser and/or the Osmo app that you're using to connect so we can provide further help.

Can’t find your answer in our support center? Contact us directly.