Can I purchase more than two items of an Osmo product?

Most products on our website have a purchase limit (two, or, in some cases, one unit per order).

If you need to order more than two items of any product on our website, you can place multiple orders. One other option is to purchase from one of our retail partners.

Please note also that the larger Starter Kits (which have a purchase limit of one unit) are made up of smaller Starter Kits and add-on games, so you may be able to purchase additional games you need from the Add-On Games section to complete your order (and purchase extra bases from the Accessories section if you need them as well). Find more information about Starter Kit components in this comparison table.

If you are an educator in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States, you may request a quote to purchase products for your school in bulk.

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