Can I have Osmo apps talk to me?

Only the following Osmo apps currently have speech/audio settings: ABCs, Detective Agency, Math Wizard games, Monster, Words, and Words Education.

In any app, once you're on the home page, you can tap the screen once and then tap the gear icon to see the settings.

In ABCs, when Mo’s sound singing is turned on, Mo will dance and sing the phonetic pronunciation. When this option is turned off, Mo will simply say the phonetic pronunciation without singing and dancing.

In Detective Agency, you can turn on Auto Read Clues and Auto Read text to have the game read clues and word problems to younger kids.

In Math Wizard, some of the characters will speak to the players; you can control the voice volume in the settings.

In Monster, you can change Mo’s voice from English to Spanish and back, and set Mo’s speech bubble language to match Mo’s voice or to match the language you chose for Monster in your device settings.

In Words and Words Education, you can turn the sound on to have the words spoken out loud when spelling challenges are presented, in both built-in albums and custom albums. You can enable or disable this feature in Settings > Speech.

For more information, see our PDF guides to Osmo games.

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