What exactly do I get when I buy an Elementary School Starter Kit?

The Elementary School Starter Kit includes everything required to play 15 games. It's available for sale on PlayOsmo.com.

The kit comes with all of the following:

  • Osmo white base and red reflector that goes over the camera (for iPad or Amazon Fire)
  • Words game with two (2) complete alphabet letter tile sets (26 red and  26 blue) 
  • Tangram game with seven (7) wood tangram shapes
  • Numbers game with dotted and numbered tiles
    • 5 × 1-dot, 3 × 2-dot, and 2 × 5-dot tiles
    • 1 each of 0–9 for the number tiles
  • 31 Coding Blocks for 3 games: Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, and Coding Duo
    • 6 Walk Blocks, 3 Hand Blocks, 3 Jump Blocks, 1 Magic Block, 2 Repeat Blocks, 3 Two Quantifiers, 3 Three Quantifiers, 3 Four Quantifiers, 2 Five Quantifiers, 2 Rest Blocks, 3 Subroutines (Star, Circle, Square)
  • Creative Set for the enhanced user experience when playing Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece, including:
    • Creative Board
    • a set of dry-erase markers
    • red pouch
  • 9 free apps: Masterpiece, Monster, Newton, Numbers, Tangram, Words (and the original versions of those apps, now titled Numbers Education, Tangram Education, and Words Education), Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, and Coding Duo.
  • Ultimate Expansion Bundle with 6 paid apps: Lettertopia, Math Buzz, Numbers Toybox, Numbers Cooking Chaos, Words Explorers, and Words Chomp. The redemption code for these apps is sent to the email address used to purchase the bundle, or to the gift recipient identified on the order itself. 
  • Stackable storage containers

Please make sure your device is on this list of Osmo-compatible devices.

All of the Osmo apps are available to download (or update) from the iTunes and Amazon App Stores.

Here's more information about Osmo Starter Kits.

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