Do you have a complete list of Osmo Starter Kits?

Here is a complete list of Osmo Starter Kits available for sale on (and some of them, also through Osmo retailers), with links to PlayOsmo product pages and Apple and Amazon App Stores. Please note that our retailers may also have their own exclusive kits, not available on our shopping page. Check out BYJU'S Premium Kits, now available on

Each Starter Kit includes an Osmo Base for iPad or Amazon Fire. Osmo Bases can also be purchased separately in the Accessories section of our website.

Most of the games in the Starter Kits can be purchased individually or as part of an Osmo Bundle (not including an Osmo Base). See also these complete lists of Osmo games and Osmo Bundles.

Three of our free apps don't require any pieces to play and can be used with any Starter Kit: Masterpiece (for iPad and Fire), Newton (for iPad and Fire), and Projector (for iPad). Play experience for Masterpiece and Newton is improved with the use of the Monster game/Creative Set.


Kit name Which apps do I need to download? Which pieces are included? Which digital bundles are included?
Coding Starter Kit Coding Family Bundle
Creative Starter Kit Monster (iPad, Fire) Monster
Elementary School Starter Kit Ultimate Expansion Bundle
Explorer Starter Kit
Genius Family Starter Kit
Genius Starter Kit
Genius Starter Kit Plus Family Game Night Family Game Night Bundle
Kindergarten Starter Kit Family Game Night Bundle
Little Genius Starter Kit
Little Genius Starter Kit Plus Early Math Adventure Early Math Adventure Bundle
Preschool Starter Kit Early Math Adventure Bundle
Super Osmonaut Starter Kit Ultimate Expansion Bundle
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