How do I create a new profile in myOsmo?

To create player profiles, please log into your myOsmo account and click on 'myProfiles' on top of the page. You will be able to easily add multiple profiles and even upload a spreadsheet.

To upload a spreadsheet, first export it in CSV format. Here are the instructions for Microsoft Excel (other spreadsheet programs have similar options).

Or simply create a text file with student names and grade levels that looks, e.g., like this:

MarySmith,1st grade

(PLEASE NOTE: profile names can only contain English alphabet letters and numbers; no spaces or special characters are allowed.)

You can also create profiles inside Osmo apps. To add player profiles inside an Osmo app, open any Osmo app and tap on the myOsmo icon in the top right hand corner of the home screen. Then tap 'Create New' and choose an avatar for your new profile.

Once you have created one profile, you can tap on that profile's icon in the top right corner to get back to the profile creation screen and add more profiles.

After you create the profiles on one device, they will show up on any other devices you may be using with Osmo. If they don't, please restart the Osmo apps, and the profiles should show up.

For more information, please see our PDF guide to myOsmo.

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