Can I use Osmo with my current iPad case?

Standard iPad Cases:
While no standard iPad protective cases in the marketplace are compatible with Osmo's base & reflector hardware (or software), we have designed and developed custom protective cases that will work with Osmo.

Osmo Custom iPad Cases:
There are two Speck-created protective cases that work only with the new Osmo iPad base, and not the classic Osmo iPad base. These cases, and the new Osmo iPad base, are sold on and through our retailers.

1) One of the Speck protective cases is designed to work with these iPad models:

  • iPad Air, Air2
  • 5th generation
  • 6th generation
  • Pro 9.7-inch

2) The other Speck protective case is designed to work with these newer iPad models only:

  • iPad 7th Generation (10.2-inch)
  • iPad 8th Generation (10.2-inch)
  • iPad 9th Generation (10.2-inch)

Screen Protectors:
For reference, Osmo is compatible with the ZAGG InvisibleShield, or any similar screen protectors that have the same or less thickness, and don't cover the edges of the device. Screen protectors that are thicker than the ZAGG InvisibleShield, or cover some of the device edges, are not compatible with Osmo.

Other iPad Models:

Regarding a case for other iPad models such as the iPad Mini, please know that we have no firm plans in place to create a custom Speck case for these devices.

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